Online Studies in USA

Nowadays, online studies are gaining wide popularity due to its affordability, various available options, and delivery of a broad range of unique skills in no time. The fact that it provides flexible application and exam dates make the students more inclined towards it. It offers a great opportunity for students who wish to acquire knowledge and learn something new without having to alter their regular work schedule. Well, some distance-learning courses are even free
of cost. USA offers a number of such short online courses, which act as a wonderful platform in serving the purposes mentioned above.

Online studies cover different educational subjects, along with some non-
educational topics. In USA, both graduate and undergraduate students opt for it
because of its benefits and opportunities. We all know that USA is the home to
some very prestigious medical, engineering and business schools. They too,
provide various online courses to the students. So let’s check out a few of them!

(1) Business Analytics: The famous Harvard Business School provides this
online course, and it not only makes your skill stronger but also plays a vital
role in your daily decision-making process. They use real-world examples to
make you understand business right from the basic descriptive statistics to
complex regression analysis.

(2) Disruptive Strategy: This one is also from Harvard Business School
that provides a 6 weeks innovative course to concrete your imaginative skills
used to develop an executive-level strategy.

(3) Program video game development: This course will equip your
skills in artistic knowledge, texturing, modeling, and video game development.
It makes you easily understand complex concepts. The professional portfolio
created, by working on project-based assignments, is utilized while applying in
any industry.

(4) Course in foundation in software skills: Master core software skills in your own time by attending this 16 weeks online course, provided by Ubiquity University. Professionals with good software background are required in almost every kind of job, so this is an excellent opportunity for people looking for a job in high-tech firms.

Now, talking about the cost of online studies in USA, it varies from place to place. The schools post all the necessary details about fees, tuition, etc. on their respective websites. Discount coupons are also available for some selected online programs. Students even have a provision of hiring a financial aid adviser if they wish to be on track with each payment process. Paying fees in
installments is also acceptable.

If we look into the pros of online studies, the list may seem endless. While on-campus students have to pay for transportation, online studies eliminate this extra spending of money. Students can also get rid of classroom noise by finding a peaceful corner at their home to study. This also increases concentration and keeps the student interested in what he is learning. The main difficulty faced by students during an online course is network issues. Also, because of no face-to-face interaction with the teacher, some of their doubts remain uncleared. Since there is no physical appearance of an instructor, who can guide, the students have to be self-disciplined and learn how to manage their time to complete the coursework within the deadline.
All in all, I think people studying in USA have an appealing opportunity to enhance their skills by opting for the various unique online courses provided by
renowned institutions.


PUBG mobile Season 13 was concluded on July 12th and new season or season 14 begins from 14th July, after 0.19.0 update. With the end of the last season users will no longer be able to access the Royal Pass section nor will they be able to participate in any missions or earn rewards until the season 14 Royal Pass is made available.

 Unlike other season players can expect some more changes and other standard features. In this article we will talk about the officially announced information of season 14 and its features and rewards.

About Season 14 

This season is also called ‘Spark of the Flame’. In this season developer brings more changes and other standard features. Moreover it also includes new ‘Ancient Secret themed’ modes as part in this season.  

Like every season it also offers two versions of the Elite pass, the Elite Upgrade Royal Pass will be cost around 600 UC and Elite Upgrade plus will be cost around 1800UC. In addition the developers have the collaboration with Google Play Store to promote monthly subscriptions and the other features of season 14 is listed below.

  • New-multi-form outfits, All-new themes and better level rewards.
  • There will be Roaring Dragon and Dragon Hunter-themed rewards.
  • The prime Royal Pass subscription in collaboration with Google play has been included two levels of membership Prime and Prime Plus. It offers monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription option and users can subscribe them simultaneously. But it is currently limited only to Android users.
  • It include the Royal Pass benefits page where players can check out the consecutive purchase perks and preview other exclusive perks.
  • Many Royal Pass Crate Luck Event has been included with rewards.
  • It will display a message regarding the Royal Pass when returning to lobby after game.
  • It also improved the display of Airplane Ranking and others.

Rewards of season 14

There are many exciting rewards offered to player of different Royal Pass such as great out fits, Vehicle skin and weapon finishes. However normal elite pass plus gives more exclusive rewards like Rose Unicorn Helmet and others. Some of the free and paid RP or exclusive rewards and their levels are listed below.

Exclusive Royal Pass rewards

  • Commander Set and Butcher of Stalber S1897 skin: at Level. 1
  • Commander Headgear:  at Level. 5
  • Speed Demon Ornament: at Level. 10
  • Provoke emote: at Level. 15
  • Rose Unicorn Helmet: at Level. 20
  • Drop the Bass Pan skin: at Level. 25
  • Iron Rose Set: at Level. 30
  • The Avian Tyrant crate: can be unlocked at Level. 32
  • Iron Rose Headgear: at Level. 35
  • Blazing Dawn Plane Finish: at Level. 40
  • RP Avatar Season 14: at Level. 45
  • Drop the Bass Grenade skin: at Level. 50
  • RP Avatar Frame SS14: at Level. 55
  • Black Commander Set: can be unlocked at Level. 60
  • Black Commander Headgear: can be unlocked at Level. 65
  • Fire fighter Backpack skin: at Level. 70
  • Avian Tyrant Avatar, M416 skin, Emote, Headgear, Mask, and outfit set: from level 75 to 100.

At another level the player will get normal rewards like silver fragments, crate coupon scraps and AG etc.

Free pass rewards:

  • Like Emoji: at level 10
  • The PUBG Life Emote: at Level 20
  • Fatal Cry parachute skin: at Level 30
  • Shark tooth M14A6 gun skin at Level 50

The free pass rewards are only up to Level 60. A player can get both free pass RP and Elite RP rewards when they buy the Elite Pass.

Season 14 royal pass pubg

Most awaited season of pubg is enabled today that is on 14, July 2020 at 7.30AM IST on all PUBG Mobiles with 0.19.0 updates and it brings host of exciting rewards. It lasts in 2 months that is after 8 weeks. This game also states the second anniversary of PUBG Mobile’s Royal Pass and the Season 14 welcomes the return of Roaring Dragon sets, and Dragon Hunter-themed rewards which was featured in pubg season 5.


Main theme is “Spark the flame” – which brings the flame influenced skins and other cosmetics into the pubg mobile season 14.

Cost :

There are 2 levels in subscription for pubg season 14 players. The Elite pass costs for 600UC whereas Elite pass plus is for 1800UC. These rewards were leaked by “LuckyMan”. The players who registered for this season will get perks like 300 and 900 Royal pass Vouchers awarded each month , get access to Prime exclusive airplane ranking display perks and also gets additional ongoing Redemption discounts and collaborated with Google pay.

Updates :

This season consists of new Yamaha bike, livik map release, new game mode event like Livik super firearm training, new guns, and even a monster truck. These updates drives craze of pubg players. Currently the subscription for this season will be exclusively for Android users and team states that iOS may get their subscription in the other collaboration with Apple. 

New Map Livik:

The new map called livik is added in this season which is two by two kilometers nordic themed island which attracts pubg players. Livik has also introduced new map exclusive gear like Mk12 marksman rifle, P90 sub-machinegun and vehicles like a monster truck vehicle. Though these addition are the earliest forms but certainly these gives fantastic addition to Pubg mobiles.

Leaked skins, cosmetics, emotes

Silver Soilder: Silver skin for the soilder gives the cool addition to this season.

Golden Lady : This seems that the lady is like a goddess in this season.

Parachute: The surviviour which brings the players from one place to other.

Additional Improvements of this season:

  • This season resolved an issue with screen lockup issue at “Loading” when entering the battle on a bad network.
  • It Improves battery usage time for some high-performance devices.
  • In this seasonUsers will be able to go to the Pick-Up tab in Settings to decide whether they pick up Quickdraw Mags or Extended Mags first.
  • Main improvement can be On and off settings buttons have been added for Scope and Peek to rotate the camera.
  • This season gives the range of new color scheme options have been added for Hit Effects and Received Damage Effects.
  • The altitude and speed gauge displays have been improved during parachuting to carry objects.
  • It Adds tips to remind the leader to mark the landing zone on the mini-map.
  • It adds up new for sensitivities on the Sensitivity tab.
  • A new information page has been added for camera which controls the rules on the Control Settings screen.

Golden Mirado in PUBG Mobile

A lot of exciting things rolled in with this new 0.18.0 update.
Mad miramar 2.0 , Toy themed royal pass and addition of new skins and weapons were most exciting this about the new update.
But the thing which caught the eyes of most players was the addition of this new Golden mirado to the miramar map.

Since after the news came in, everyone in game wants to have this golden queen and show it off across the battlefield.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused players to fall to their death when jumping off of a moving Pickup.
  • Fixed a bug which caused some vehicles to drift significantly on the ground.
  • Fixed a bug where the button sound was misconfigured or went missing in the current screen.
  • Fixed a bug which caused lagging in battle when HDR +60 fps was enabled in some high-performance devices.
  • Fixed a bug which caused lagging when other players entered a player’s field of vision.
  • Fixed a bug which caused some screens to lag.
  • Fixed a bug that caused resolution display errors when switching between the large and small screen display of the Samsung foldable screen.
  • You can check out t
  • Win94 with 2.7x Scope
  • Canted Sight Available
  • New Classic Mode Content: Jungle Adventure in Sanhok (Available Soon)
  • New Customizable Weapon System: Guncraft Finishes (Available Soon)
  • New Weapon: P90 in Arena Mode
  • Royale Pass Season 13: Toy Playground (Available May 13th)
  • Bluehole Mode: Brand New EvoGround Experience (Available Soon)
  • New Anti-Cheating Implementation: Points Protection Against Cheater Kills
  • “PUBG MOBILE will be pushing out updates starting on May 7th. The server will not be taken offline for this update. This update requires approximately 1.97 GB of storage space on Android devices and 2.21 GB of storage space on iOS devices. Players on different versions won’t be able to invite one another, so be sure to update as soon as possible”.

Update Rewards
Update before May 13th to receive:

1 Radio
2,888 BP
3 Lieutenant Parsec Backpack
Whats New?
“We’ve made some visual updates to the Classic Miramar map and added some new elements”.

An Oasis has been added to the northern part of the map and Urban Ruins is now to the northwest. More housing areas, roads, and resources have been added so you’ll need to pick your landing spot and battles wisely.
Added a race track that runs through the whole map and is perfect for motorheads. A racetrack has also been added which runs through the whole map, perfect for motorheads
New Miramar Map Vehicle: Golden Mirado. Only 1 will spawn on the map so be the first to claim it and show off your riches in the desert!
Miramar’s New Vending Machine: Get Energy Drinks or Painkillers from Vending Machines scattered around the map. You might even be lucky enough to get 8 drinks at a time!
Sandstorm effects:

There is a chance for areas in Miramar and the Main Menu to be ravaged by Sandstorms.
Miramar Main Menu Theme:

Update and download the new Miramar map to get the Miramar Main Lobby and music.
Miramar Achievements:

Added new Miramar achievements. Play the new Miramar map and complete multiple objectives to get these achievements.
Miramar Events:

Complete the new events for great rewards.
EvoGround New Mode: Bluehole Mode (coming soon).

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale Pass: Price, rewards, leaks, emotes, Update 1.18.0, patch notes & more

We know that the release date will be 13 May, so it’s time to start planning your conquest of the new Royale Pass!

It’s sure to be crammed full of skins, emotes, and rewards at all 100 levelsBenefits are often cosmetic, but they’re still great to look at and are very sought by players.

There is a free Royale Pass, which lets you earn rewards up to rank 60, but not beyond.To get those rewards you’ll need to purchase either the Elite or Elite Plus pass.

The Elite pass will cost you 600UC, or £9.99. The Elite Plus pass will be £29.99 – that’s a lot but it will take you straight to rank 25.The regular Royale Pass will cost 600 UC, which translates to roughly 775 Indian Rupees.

The Elite Royale Pass will cost 1800 UC, which translates to roughly 2,325 Indian Rupees.

READ MORE: PUBG Mobile: Patch Notes for Update 0.18.0

There are several ways to earn UC, especially if you’ve purchased a Royale Pass in a previous season, in which case you are able to grind 600 UC to get your regular Season 13 Royale Pass for free.

There’s a whole host of rewards attached to the Royale Pass.

With the Season 13 theme of ‘Toys Playground’, we can expect a lot of nostalgia within the rewards.

Look out for skins, outfits, and more that are inspired by lego, Power Rangers, and other childhood toys.

Royale Pass leaks
Thanks to the Golden Pan we know a few of the rewards that Royale Pass players can look foward too in the coming season.Lego Inspired Vector Skin
Lego Inspired P92 Pistol Skin
Padded Leather Set
Unique Headgear
Season 13 Themed Airplane Finish
Season 13 Themed Parachute
Tribal Set with Ram Skull Mask
RP 100 Outfit – Choice between Lava Superman/Flash Superman
That’s pretty cool!